R.O.A.R : Recognising Our Abilities and Resources – (Revolution Of Africa Rising)




An Acronym with many meanings but one goal, to highlight the brilliance and creativity of the people of African Heritage around the world.


For many years we have had to concede to the misleading and misrepresentations put forth about our beloved continent our culture and our history.
Though it will be pretentious on our behalf to deny the truth in some of the stories published, it will be far more damaging to stay silent, only protest in our heads and amongst ourselves about the good things we are blessed with that we seldom see portrayed on screens by the media around the world, without attempting to showcase to the world who we are, what we do and what we can be.

With these thoughts bouncing around my head like a ray of light in a prism, I started to ask myself, Who will portray the beautiful, the ingenious and the brilliance of the Africa I know and the People all around the world who’s heritage is linked to the second largest continent on Earth “YES” Earth!!! not sure where you were thinking.

The Answer  one I had always known dawned on me in October 2013, See I had decided to research and share the stories of some interesting black people both dead and alive on Instagram during the Black History month.


I finally realised we have to do this ourselves because no one is going to tell our Beautiful stories with the same passion and “POV” like we would, I mean they could try but I don’t think they will ever be able to tell it with the “VIM” that we would.

Lets ROAR!!!

The “ROAR Initiative” that October, can be described as a campaign with the purpose of Identifying, Promoting and Showcasing Entrepreneurs, Businesses and Influential individuals of African Heritage in Africa and the Diaspora who are doing amazing things.

The aim of doing this is to Inspire, Empower, Embolden, Motivate and Awaken the potential in many more.

Through the use of visual mediums and the internet, we aim to create awareness for start-up business and established businesses showcasing the African ingenuity, hard work and resolve of both young and old alike that are going against the status quo in their quest to achieve their dreams.